Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Self talk

Have you heard about self talk? I listened to an audio interview about it on the Internet recently, and I have a couple of good friends who have begun to pay attention to how they talk to themselves. They've realized that what they say to themselves needs to change!

Self talk is what we say to ourselves inside our own heads. It's nothing we say out loud (unless you talk to yourself aloud like I do sometimes), but we have a constant chatter going on in our minds. Some of what we say is fine--"Take out the trash," "I need to get gas for the car," or "I'm hungry. What will I do about supper?" Day to day stuff like that.

Some of what we say to ourselves is not fine. It's destructive, or at the very least discouraging. Things like "I can't believe I did that!" or "My hair looks awful," or "I just can't do this!"

Sometimes we even berate ourselves. Ever called yourself names for something you were unhappy you did (or thought, or said)?

What do you say to yourself? Do you say things to yourself that you would never say to someone else?

If you put yourself down on a regular basis, how in the world will you be able to accomplish the things you're here to accomplish? You are here for a purpose, so learn to encourage yourself every day. It will help you de-stress and focus on your purpose.

Whether or not you are caring for someone else, you need to care for yourself. Listen to your own self talk. When you begin to put yourself down, it's time to refocus. Imagine God talking to you, face to face, and think of the things that He would be glad about in your life. He would pour good words into your heart to encourage you, because He loves you so much.

Listen to Him. Remember you're a work in progress; you're not finished yet.

The audio interview I heard was with Jennifer Rothschild. If you'd like to read more and learn how to practice positive self talk, I recommend Jennifer's book, "Self Talk, Soul Talk: What to Say When You Talk to Yourself." You can read more about Jennifer here:

Encourage yourself--by retraining your thoughts.

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