Friday, April 17, 2009

A PBS special: Caring for Your Parents

I wanted to share information about a caregiver special that was aired on PBS April 2, 2008. The special is titled "Caring for Your Parents." Click here for more information:

I didn't get to watch the original program, but PBS makes this available to watch online in short chapters. It is the story of several families with several different situations and is very well done so far. To watch this online, just click the white "Watch Online" letters in the center of the page. You can also buy the video or order the transcript if you'd prefer. It plays well on my computer, so that's easiest for me.

Join me; let's watch and learn more. Hopefully the special will provide some excellent information for the Baby Boomers who are taking care of their aging parents. I hope you are encouraged and find some good help here.



  1. Thanks for this great resource!

    I have started a new Eldercare Blog Carnival. You can see the first one here:

    This week I am calling all caregiving bloggers! April is Stress awareness month and for the next issue of the Eldercare Carnival I'd like to share your good posts to help caregivers beat the odds that some say caregiver stress can cause! You can make your submission by sending me your blog name, blog title, url, url of post, email contact, and a brief description to my email at, Or use this handy form at the Blog Carnival- or

    I hope you will join us!

    Mary Nix

  2. This is a great special. Caregiving is a tough thing to do.

  3. I thought it was a really helpful special, Care Giver. Yes, caregiving is tough and I'm just beginning to learn how many people are out there doing some type of care for others. It helps a lot to read how others are coping.

    Thanks for stopping by, and best wishes,