Friday, April 3, 2009

The raised garden is in!

Well, we succeeded in building four raised garden beds and it was a fun project that Art, Mama, and I all worked on together. We took most of the day building the boxes, mixing and stirring and leveling the soil (we used 2 bags of black cow compost, 2 bags of vegetable soil, and one bag of peat per 8’x2’ foot box).

We have more plants than we have room in our boxes, so we plan to build more containers soon. Right now we have several large, black nursery-type plant pots with the extra lettuce, cucumber, and tomato plants started. We’ll see which does best and adjust accordingly. I also began an herb garden in small window boxes so I can enjoy rosemary, thyme, basil, chives, and cilantro, and marjoram.

I decided to put some of the extra lettuce plants into individual clay pots to see how they would fare in the kitchen. It gets them away from the deer! Mama thinks having the lettuce in pots indoors is pretty neat. She's enjoying our experiment and is having fun puttering around the new plants. She invited some family over to see our garden project and she seems pretty excited that we have built something simpler for her to maintain. She commented on how much easier it would be this year.

So we’re off to the races—and just in time, as it’s supposed to rain!

Has anyone tried aeroponic gardening? I'd love to learn more. Share your ideas with me if you have a minute.

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