Sunday, April 5, 2009

What about broken teeth?

Well, for all of the things a senior citizen has to think about, one thing that no one expects is to have their teeth begin to break! Mama has had two break in the last year. Thankfully we could get into the dentist right away so she could get fitted for crowns. She had at least four broken teeth within 14 months or so. Is there anything I can do to help slow this down? Mama is almost 84 and has also broken both arms in the past two years (she broke them both within a four-month period). She cracked some vertebrae when she fell the first time; the doc told us she has osteo. No surprise there.

We considered Boniva to help strengthen her bones and hopefully her teeth as well, and her doctor really wants her to get started with that; however we understand that a side effect is heart trouble. So we'll pass on that particular solution.

Is it too late to strengthen teeth when someone is eighty-something? Mama's sense of smell is gone, but this petite little high-metabolism granny loves her chow! She would hate thickeners and purees and I hope not to ever have to go there.

In the meantime, Mama cuts all her food in very small pieces and manages okay. She just can't bite into things anymore and she can only chew on one side. I'm grateful for that and hope it doesn't worsen. In the meantime, I make a huge pot of vegetable beef soup that has everything yummy in it and Mama loves it. I freeze it in small batches and it's a ready meal, anytime, plus there aren't any teeth issues eating a rich, vitamin-packed soup!

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