Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Gardening is good for what ails you

Well, the raised garden plan is really working wonders for Mama. She is puttering out in the yard every day and enjoying the little plants that are already growing. We had put in some tomatoes, squash, cukes, and various peppers a month or so ago and the last frost hit them pretty hard. Everything is coming back pretty well and I don't think we'll have to pull those plants up and replace them. We had our first cherry tomato, a tiny little thumb-nail sized one, but it froze. We have new blossoms, though, so everything appears to be fine.

Last year we also planted some new crape myrtles and roses that we dug up from Mama's sister's yard. The roses are already blooming and bring great memories of my aunt, with whom Mama is very close. We will all enjoy the beautiful summer showing of those rose bushes. I also particularly love how crape myrtles bloom all summer and into the fall. They require no real care once they get started, but they just bloom and bloom for months. I put three right in front of Mama's bedroom windows so she can enjoy the colorful flowers this summer and beautiful leaf color in the autumn.

I've also hung many seed feeders and hummingbird feeders for the myriad birds we have here. The fat squirrels are a joy to watch, as are the doves and all of the finches and cardinals that flock in every morning and evening. We spot many hummingbirds every day, and I've realized how much Mama enjoys the wildlife. We take our bird book and try to identify all of the birds we see.

It's all fun, good exercise, and good for Mama's spirits. Our home is truly a God-given serendipity. I am so thankful we are here and that Mama can enjoy these days.

If you are gardening and have some suggestions, or if you have some good thoughts about how to attract bird, please tell me about them. I love to learn new things, and Mama benefits from the experience, too.

Caregiver at Home

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