Thursday, October 1, 2009

What's new?

Today is October first, and I always feel rejuvenated when the Autumn weather arrives. Art and I love the cooler days and nights, and we look forward to building our first fire. Last night I made a big pot of chili to herald the change to cooler weather--at last!!

We continue to do well. Art, Mama, and I not only continue to live together and work in the garden, but we keep our little bundle-of-energy granddaughter, Ridleigh, every Monday. So life has gotten busier and sweeter as we run to keep up with a non-stop, independent almost-three-year-old. We have enjoyed a lot of laughter this summer as we introduce Ridleigh each week to chicken antics, yard kitties, fresh growing fruits, vegetables, flowers, and wildlife. We had several good-sized deer wandering through the yard this past Monday, nibbling at this and that. Ridleigh was mesmerized as she watched out the window and learned more about Bambi.

Our container gardening continues, though my Topsy-Turvy tomatoes didn't do very well this year. I learned a lot about what to do next spring, though, and plan to use those containers again. Mama has been thrilled with a potted hibiscus that blooms almost every day--it's too cold in this area to plant hibiscus, and we've been told we need to just keep them in pots and move them in during the winter. So that's working well.

Our banana trees have two huge pods which are loaded with small fruit. We can't wait to sample the bananas, and Art knows he's been tasked to make a lot of banana pudding if all of these ripen. I'm guessing that the chickens will end up with their fair share, because I don't see how we can eat them all. There must be a hundred bananas on those two pods. Wow!

How are you doing? Let me know what's new in your life, and if you've begun caregiving, please shoot me an email. I'd love to connect with you.

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