Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holiday Ideas for our Seniors

I read a great article just now and wanted to share it. The title is "What Seniors Want for the Holidays," and I think it's a pretty good list of suggestions.

We've gotten my mom a personal-sized electric throw to tuck around her legs and feet while she sits and reads or works on her crossword puzzles. That's another thing I need to get for her stocking--some new crossword puzzle books. I noticed that Mama's hands and feet are colder more often than they used to be. She was recently diagnosed with another physical problem, so I try to be aware of how cold or warm the house is, or her room in particular. The little heated throw will feel really nice, I think. There will be another couple of items for her Christmas gifts, but all in all our family is just spending time together, eating a really nice meal and having good snacks for watching football and old movies together, and not a lot of gifts. We'll also have a just-turned-three-year-old in the household this Christmas, and that will be Mama's best gift of all--time with her great-granddaughter, who is the *new* apple of her eye! :-D They have a mutual admiration society, and it's really awesome to watch their relationship grow. Sweet, sweet, sweet.

What are your plans for your Christmas? Do you have any ideas to share for great gifts for seniors? If so, please share them with me!

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