Sunday, December 6, 2009

Newfangled Christmas ideas vs. old-fashioned gifts

I remembered this after I posted and wanted to share it here. Last year I made the mistake of buying one of those digital photo frames for Mama, and she looked at it once all year (when I showed it to her after loading tons of her favorite photos). It was a really nice digital frame and I love it, but I realized then that regular photos she can hold in her hands are more enjoyable to her than the digital frame. So this year I’ll put together a Great-Grandma’s Brag Book with pictures of her and our little granddaughter. That way she can tuck it in her purse and look at it whenever she wants to--the old-fashioned way. So I’m still learning as I go, but hopefully this year she'll enjoy her gift a little more, which will mean a lot to me!

Caregiver at Home

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