Thursday, April 8, 2010

Encouragement for Professional and Family Caregivers

Well, I can't believe it's been so long since I last posted, but it's been crazy hectic here with multiple dental/periodontal/doctor visits in the last six weeks. Mama is doing fine after having some oral surgery and several follow-ups. Surprisingly, it was time for blood pressure medicine to make it's debut in her daily pill caddy, and I was sorry to see that happen. As it turned out, my mom's older sister (exactly 5 years older) had to begin a BP regimen the same day. That was kinda strange, but thankfully they both seem to be doing well.

I read another great encouragement from Gary Barg, Editor-in-Chief of Today's Caregiver (, and I wanted to pass it along to you. Gary was addressing both professional caregivers and family caregivers, and I thought what he had to say was valuable.

Another area I've gotten involved in here is a local caregiver support group. The group is sponsored by our local hospital and hosted at a local nursing home. I remember when my father was ill with progressive dementia and how important and helpful the group was at his facility. That was five years ago, and I find myself in need of group support again. Thankfully there are several programs in my area, including an Alzheimer's training group that I'll talk about in my next post. I'm on the waiting list for the next class and have heard excellent things about it from several individuals.

In the meantime, blessings, and take care of yourself as you take care of your loved one.

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