Friday, September 3, 2010

Having meals with our elders...

I read a good article yesterday about the importance of sitting down to the table together for meals. I have to admit that my husband and I tend to plate our food and then head for the recliners so we can relax while we eat, but I notice that Mama is always ready to pull out the placemats and set the table for meals. When our extended family is here, or any friends, we do just that unless we're tired from working outside (think mowing days when it feels good to put the feet up as soon as possible!). When I read this article, I was both surprised and mindful that having meals together makes sense.

This is an area I need to get better at, but I do enjoy sitting down and discussing the day, or whatever is on anyone's mind at that particular moment. It's nice to visit and be social, and we end up talking about the food and just enjoying one another's presence and conversation. It's a small thing, but I think it's more important than I have realized. We practiced this when our kids were growing up, but I suppose it just seemed that with three adults in the house, the tradition wasn't that big a deal. However, I think it's time to restore that family tradition and set the table more often. Even if it's just Mama and me at mealtime, we can sit together and visit. Besides, I get a lot less food on my clothes when I'm sitting up straight! Less laundry...see, it's an immediate benefit! I can also tell that Mama enjoys the companionship. Her family always ate together when I was growing up, and they still do as much as possible. My parents and I always had our supper together too, which was a nice and comforting way to end our busy days.

I found this article on when I was surfing the 'net about caregiving. This may be something you already do all the time. If not, I hope you are helped by the info, too. Tell me what you think!

Caregiver at Home

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