Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mini-strokes, TIA's...and nursing homes...

This week's been tough for our family. My husband's mom is being moved to a nursing home after what seemed to be more TIA's (mini-strokes, essentially) and several days of hospitalization. It's a 20-day stay for now, and my husband and his sis have been visiting area nursing homes to see what looks best for their mom. We had hoped it would never come to this, yet for Mom's safety's sake, here we are.

While that was going on, I received a link for Frena Gray-Davidson's article from BoomerToBoomer Online, entitled "Finding the Perfect Care Home for Mom." You can read the article here: www.FindingThePerfectCareHomeForMom

Frena writes candidly about the feelings one has when faced with nursing home decisions, and the bottom line issue for knowing when it's time to make that move. Frena also includes helpful tips for choosing a desirable nursing home. Once again, I was grateful for her information. She writes many very helpful and encouraging articles and books for caregivers. (I've included a link for Frena's blog below.)

I don't know anyone who wants to have to visit nursing homes and choose one for their loved one. We don't know how long Mom will need nursing home care, or whether she'll improve. When these kinds of health concerns begin to occur, it's just a day-to-day wait-and-see outlook, or that's been our experience so far. This is the fourth time one of our elderly family members has needed nursing home care for dementia, and it is our immediate family's fifth experience with dementia to date.

I read recently that old age is not synonymous with memory loss, and I hope that is true. Several family members have achieved significant old age, and not all of them have experienced dementia. Most have, but it's not uncommon for our family to live well into their nineties.

In the meantime, we are thankful that God is there and we can crawl up into His "lap" and just hide awhile. We know He will get us through this, and bring good somehow from a terrible situation.

How is your loved one doing? How are you? Are you doing okay? What are you learning as a caregiver? I'd love to hear your story.

Hugs to you all.
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  1. I’ve found that the best thing for the elderly is to have a medical alarm system. I wrote about how having a medical pendant has allowed my grandparents to remain independent. You can read my post here:

  2. Thank you for the article. I agree about the medical alarm systems, and there are various types and styles to fit different budgets. I've been thinking about having my mom wear one when she's outside in the garden, because I wouldn't hear her if the a/c was on and she called for help. Thank you again! Best wishes, ~Joan