Saturday, October 30, 2010

Some simple, good ideas for reducing stress at home...

I just read another good article from and wanted to share it with you. The title caught my attention because I'm feeling a little stressed this week. You know how it is--some days (weeks) are good, and some are tough. Sometimes the presence of stress can be like the ebb and flow of the tide--you notice it now, but a little later on things have calmed a bit and you feel better. Or at least that's been my experience much of the time. Then there are the "seasons" where stress is a huge companion which lurks over your shoulder all day and all night, and you just feel the pressure and can't get away from it. That's how it felt the year my father was ill with vascular dementia, because we had to fight battles constantly to keep him safe and to protect my mother as well. It took awhile after Daddy passed away before that stress monster seemed to move on, but finally it did. It pokes its head back into my life every now and then, just to remind me it's there, but it's not an ever-present heaviness right now. I'm thankful for that, but I know others are going through their "seasons" of heavy stress now. I hope the article below will help with ideas on how to clear some of that stress away, even for a short while each day. I believe caregiving stress creates a significant toll in our lives, and managing our own stress levels makes a difference in our ability to handle our caregiving responsibilities. I believe it's not enough that we survive. We need to thrive, even in the midst of the difficult seasons in our lives.

This article from is short but very useful. It points out several simple areas we can use to help alleviate stress. I was intrigued to learn that I already use some of these techniques, so perhaps we instinctively know some of the things we can do to help ourselves. For me, drinking hot tea, using scented candles or simmer pots with scented oils, and writing this blog are real tools for destressing. Background music is wonderful--I'm listening to some light classical music right now, and it's an oasis of respite that soothes me in the midst of a long day. A candle is burning near my desk and the scent is mood-lightening. I also read Scripture, pray often, and meditate on God's grace, mercy, and provision in my life. He never promised that the path would be easy, but He is constantly with me. Some days I relieve stress by just climbing into His mighty lap and hiding my face awhile, because I am always comforted there.

There are other great, simple ideas in the article which may work well for you. I hope so. Let me know what you do to destress. I'd love to hear your stories.

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Read the article here: Reduce Stress at Home

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