Sunday, October 31, 2010

Treatment Diaries - a great resource for caregivers...

I just learned about a new site,, and wanted to share it with you. It's a free resource which can be used both by caregivers who need to research and perhaps talk about their situation, or by individuals who have a particular health situation of their own. The site allows you to be anonymous if you wish, and you can read and/or write about your questions and concerns. For example, if you're a caregiver who is taking care of someone with dementia and you have high blood pressure yourself, then you can go to and learn/write/ask about both areas.

There is a huge list of medical conditions to choose from, so you can either identify yourself as having one of those conditions or you can research and connect in every area of interest. You can also journal in a diary. This is a very useful tool to help connect yourself with an online support community.

Thank you, Amy Ohm, for alerting us to this site. Excellent!

Caregiver at Home

Listen to a short interview with Amy Ohm here: Treatment Diaries Interview with Amy Ohm

Take a look at

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