Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy 61st anniversary to my folks...

Daddy's gone now, but I still like to remember and honor my folks' anniversary when the date rolls around each August. Our daughter and I had a nice walk down memory lane with my mom this morning while we talked once again about Mama and Daddy's wedding day so long ago. Our daughter told her grandmother that she really liked the black-and-white photos of their wedding, particularly the very happy candid shot of them in the getaway car. My dad was grinning widely while he frantically tried to start the old car they were driving, and my mom was laughing joyfully. Good memories, good medicine around our breakfasts this morning. Even though Daddy's been gone almost six years already, it's fun to remember with Mama. Happy 61st anniversary, Mama. You and Daddy did good.

Caregiver at Home

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