Thursday, September 15, 2011

Another good resource...

I received a note from David Besnette, editor for the Assisted Living Directory. I've been browsing and reading through his site, and wanted to share it with you here.

I know many of us aren't involved in assisted living facilities yet, but I recently read that it's a very good idea to be aware of what is available before I get to that point. I definitely agree. The stress on me, as caregiver, is lessened when I know where to turn if and when the time comes.

Many years ago, my family had several experiences with assisted living facilities in both Florida and Georgia, including places where my grandmother and my father-in-law lived for quite some time. Some of the caregivers in my support group have family living in area ALFs right now, and they report about really nice experiences their loved ones and they are having.

So I'm happy to share David's site here. If you can, take some time to read his articles and watch some of the videos. Learning about AL now will save time and worry later, when we may need to act.

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