Friday, September 16, 2011

A photo of pure joy...

Here's the photo I mentioned in an earlier post about my parents' honeymoon getaway. This was 1950. Daddy was trying hard to start his 1936 Ford, but his buddies had piled some of his engine parts on the back seat. When Daddy finally realized it, they ended up taking Mama's little 1940 Chevy, which jumped out of second gear constantly. They always laughed together when they reminisced. Good memories for our family. ~Joan


  1. Joy indeed - thanks for posting such a terrific photo - brought a smile to my face -
    - David

  2. that photo is so special and a treasure. i have some treasures of my own and I have them displayed in my home. I care for my grandpop. My grandmom passed May 26, 2011. I was there for her over the two months of her demise along with my cousin and grandfather. my story is sad, her children abandoned her (my father and my aunt). she had alzhiemer's. she was 93. Poppop and I live and love each other more than words can say and he is the light of my life.

  3. Dawn, I tried to reply but Blogger wasn't working properly at the time. :-< I'm so glad you've been able to care for your Grandpop and Grandmom. What a sweet memory you are creating for one another as your take care of Poppop. Glad you have some treasures, too. Those will be special forever. Blessings, ~Joan